Here are my top-200 rankings for the 2018 season. Don’t follow them. OK, don’t follow them religiously. They are designed to be a guideline. Truthfully, only the top 50 or so really matters, after that you should be drafting based on positional and team need. Use the specific positional ranks at that point.

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Also, don’t follow these ranks without understanding they were created with ESPN standard leagues in mind. That means they are for 10-team re-draft leagues (no keepers) with PPR scoring, where you start one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex, one kicker, one defense/special teams unit and seven bench spots. If you are in a league with different scoring and/or positional requirements, these ranks would be slightly different, though if you read these ranks with Love/Hate, 100 Facts, my Draft-Day Manifesto and everything else I have done in mind, you’ll be fine.

In the later rounds, players who have bigger upside but also bigger risk I rank higher. It goes back to my “range of outcomes” theory that I detailed in the Manifesto. I highly suggest you do a bunch of mock drafts as well. Practice does, in fact, make perfect. Happy drafting!