is making its promotional debut in Japan as it
announced their first-ever event in Tokyo in March 2019.

“It warms my heart to see just how much respect we have built (in
Japan) as martial artists,” One Championship fighter and MMA
pioneer Renzo Gracie
said about the announcement. “This is what true martial arts is all
about. I have been to Tokyo many times and the city never fails to
amaze and surprise me. To be able to come full circle and bring
martial arts back to Japan, it’s an amazing sight to behold. I am
incredibly proud to be a part of this momentous occasion. Japan has
played a huge role in the history of martial arts on a global
scale, and it’s just right that it returns to glory once again. One
Championship and Japan are a perfect fit and I foresee a bright
future ahead.”’

Gracie himself competed under the One Championship banner after an
eight year retirement, submitting Yuki Kondo in
July. That event was held in the Philippines, with the majority of
One events taking place in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and

However in 2019, the promotion can add Tokyo to their growing list
of territory expansion. Japanese MMA legend and former ONE FC
lightweight champion Shinya Aoki
was with Gracie at a press conference Thursday, and echoed the
Brazilian’s sentiment:

“Japanese martial arts is something that I hold dear to my heart,”
Aoki told reporters on Thursday. “It is so much more than sport and
competition. I live by the code of martial arts, and to be able to
share that with everyone in the world, it’s an honor. This is the
chance for Japanese martial arts to truly shine. Martial arts is my
passion and I am grateful for the opportunity to help lead martial
arts in Asia into the future. One Championship is a tremendous
organization and now that we are going to have our first live event
in Tokyo, it will only help highlight the beauty of martial arts in

No fights have been announced yet for the card, which will take
place March 31, 2019 at a-still unannounced Tokyo venue.