has made a very successful career for himself in
mixed martial arts. The 27 year-old entered the
Ultimate Fighting Championship
in 2015 with a perfect 5-0
record and worked his way through the bantamweight division,
remaining undefeated on his way to taking the title from Dominick
. He lost the belt in his first title defense to his former
teammate T.J.
before being beaten again in a rematch at UFC 227
earlier this month.

While “No Love” has lost two fights in a row, he’s still considered
young for an MMA athlete and may have a lot left to offer the
sport. Garbrandt revealed to “I am Second” recently how none of his
success in MMA would have been possible if it wasn’t for the love
and support he received from his older brother Zach earlier in his

Garbrandt explained that during high school, he went through a dark
time where drugs and depression took the place of his drive to
excel in sports (via

“There’s a part of the story where Zach came and intervened in my
life, where I wanted to give up. I was a teenager. I think I was a
senior in high school. I wanted to become a state champion again. I
won state as a freshman, I got beat as a sophomore, I was injured
as a junior. Wrestling was something I did my whole entire life,
and I think losing the passion for that, I didn’t have any drive. I
just felt unaccomplished, and I got in with the wrong crowd and
started doing some drugs and partying and kind of living super
carelessly, and it almost consumed my life. I felt like my road was
running to an end.

“For a while, I wasn’t who I was,” Garbrandt added. “I was in a
very dark place, a very very dark place, and almost hung myself.
And my brother came in the door, and he saved my life. It’s the
first time I’m talking about it, but I’ve never been more grateful
for him. He just came in and busted down the door and gave me the
biggest hug and sat there with me and cried with me and said
everything was going to be all right. That was the day that, you
know, really was a changing point for me and my life, as well.”